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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tutoring is awesome!

I've been tutoring one child for about two months now. I can't wait to add more students. I charge $10 per hour and we work pretty intensely throughout the session. I use sites that focus on the Scott Foresman Reading Street Series in order to improve reading and spelling tests on Fridays. Some of my activities are flashcards of spelling words, writing the words on a white board, oral spelling, reading the story, and I focus on phonics for reading.

I am a firm believer in phonics for learning to read even for those who do not make the connection of how sounds form words. Repetitiveness and practice go a long way. The more a child is exposed to these methods the more it will make sense to him/her because the child will memorize the sound and automatically say it most of the time. A person needs to hear something 5-7 times in order to remember it according to some of my professors at WKU. We work on blends, digraphs, and rimes and for my current student we have seen much improvement in his reading.

I encourage all parents who are able and have children who need a little extra help to seek outside sources. Even "gifted" children can benefit from tutoring. These students are often bored and appreciate learning new material. Summer tutoring also prevents that summer slide! If you know anyone who like a tutor for their child please suggest me. I do tutoring in my home to cut down on distractions and also because I have a wide variety of resources I'd rather not lug around. ;)

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