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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sign of the times? Let's pray not!

I've been working at a place that is known for troubled kids. Truth is most are there because they have made the choice to take a different and better direction in their lives. The majority of the students there are respectable and are serious about about getting their high school diploma and making something of themselves. None of the students are from area, most are city kids that are not used to the environment we have around here. They use the "f" word like we use "hello." Every other word is a curse word. For the most part if you ask the child to stop or tell them that you do not like profanity they will make an effort not to do that in front of you. Most of them may slip up and they will apologize. Of course every bushel has a bad apple or two and that is where this story comes from,. I have been called unprofessional for joking or using humor with students, leaving due to blinding headaches, and calling in saying that I could not come. Today I am ashamed to say that I was indeed unprofessional. 

It all started on Tuesday. A female student with the worst attitude I have ever seen decided she did not like me. In the past I asked her to not use profanity....this made her use it more. She defies authority and is disrespectful to everyone. She gained a little buddy. A student younger than her that seems to gang up with the worst acting people around. Together they decide to see how far they could push me. They wanted to argue with me that garbage collecting was not dangerous. I simply tried to state a few facts the more I said the more hostile they got. Ok, I moved away from that subject. Later the boy decided to announce that Edmonson Countians were inbreeds because everyone that works at this place is kin to each other. More non residents work there than county people. I did not handle that well. I should be used to such statements but I am not, I made the comment that he made an "ignorant remark" because he did not have the facts to back it up. So I am accused of calling this child ignorant. By then I could feel my heart beating through my whole body. I am sure that isn't a good sign. The girl would mumble some kind of remark every I walked near her. Today she put on her music and sang loudly as the four letters words poured out of her mouth she would look at me too see if I would say anything. Finally she said something. I apologized for my unprofessionalism from the other day and she went on to argue with me. I explained I was not used to such bad attitudes and disrespect and told them both if their attitudes did not change they would not be able to get a good job or go far in society as I know it. I was calm until the girl says "What are you a Christian or something?" I've never been asked that in such a negative tone and of course I cannot talk about my religious beliefs, I told her I could not answer that question and she says: "Well you must be a Catholic wearing all those skirts and stuff?" WHAT? Anyhow were interrupted by the aid who is not happy with my anyhow and after that was over the female said I think we should finish our conversation. I hate she thinks that was a conversation. I told her I was done with the matter that she just needed to work.I have explained to them that I think they are smarter than to use four letter words all the time, they know how I feel. She goes on to tell me that I should start cussing that way I would not be so rude and cool like Mr. X or Ms. Z. They would not stop things kept escalating so I just went to the principal and told her I was leaving. I do dread telling Chris but I was not going to be able to keep my cool with these two and this behavior seems acceptable at this place. I apologized told her I thought I could handle the profanity and disrespect but I could not. Understandably she was not happy. NOW I will take someone calling this situation unprofessional! I regret I could not handle the situation better and I am ashamed of my actions. Now I shall try to get  passed this and focus on my career as an elementary teacher. I am thankful this part of my life is over with and hopefully I will not dwell on the situation. I ask that everyone pray for these poor children that have this attitude that think profanity and disrespect will get them far in life. I pray that they will find God and go in a better direction than they are now.

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