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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop the summer slide for elementary age kids

Repetitiveness is very important for every one especially kids. Students learn better by repeating even if it is done in different fashions. Do not let the summer slide affect your children. That does not mean you have to drill them several hours each day. By simply reminding your child about something he/she learned during the last school year will help greatly. Take advantage of those "cool down" times when you come in from playing or right before you go to bed to read books and words, spell, and do simple math facts. Encourage them to watch an educational video or rainy days or help them look up something that is interests them. Expose them to new things by visiting a museum (they are generally free) or take to them to a free concert. Go on a picnic and talk about different food groups or identify things  that are around you such as types of trees, flowers, or grass. Look for "Indian Beads" (fossilized plants) and oddly shaped rocks. Teaching and learning does not have to be a chore. Have fun. Get out and soak up some sun for Vitamin D and jump into a large pool of H20. Memories will be made on several levels.

If you would like extra help stopping the summer slide please contact me! I will continue to do tutoring this summer. I charge $10 per hourly sessions in my home.

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