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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Act like a lady?

I hated wearing dresses as a child. My mom, sister, grandmother, or someone was always whispering to me: "You need to sit like a lady so no one will see your panties." GRRRR! I more than likely did not pick out that dress and I certainly did not want to act like a lady. I wanted to do back bends, turn flips, and climb trees. By the time I got in middle school those words echoed and I did not mind to sit like a lady. My mom, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, etc. also taught me that I should ACT like a lady for those who did not act like ladies had ugly reputations and they were not good girls. I wanted to be a good girl that had good friends and eventually good boyfriends. I thought of myself as a rebel in some ways but acting like a lady was important to me because if reflected on my church and family, my friends and my school, my get the point. Now when you tell a teenage girl that they look at you like you just took a stupid pill and have a somewhat dumbfounded look on their face like they have never heard such a saying and they don't know what you are talking about. They do not understand why you should not sit in a guys lap in the middle of class or on top of the desk with their legs spread. Is society so bad that we have stopped teaching kids appropriateness? Gee whiz. They make out in parking lots, flip each other off, and scream obscenities in public without blinking an eye or having any awareness as to who may be around. Boys and girls. Was I a total and complete angel? No, not by far. I made my share of mistakes and when I did slip up and say or do something I wasn't supposed to I knew it because I was taught. I sure did regret doing it too. 

Until next time: Act like a lady.

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