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Monday, June 27, 2011


My grandparents (Mammaw and Papaw) babysat me while my mom and dad worked. They had no t.v. In the summer months between gardening we would play "school." I was always the teacher. The chalkboard she had was green and on the top of it the alphabet in print and cursive was printed on. This is pretty much how I learned to write. Sometimes we'd have time to play dates but that was more of a winter time game when we had more time to play. Dates was a game they had played as children. My Mammaw, being the resourceful woman she was, used a cracker box and a coffee can. She started with numbers from one to ten. I think she only used two of each to start out with. Later on we went to four. We drew out the numbers from the coffee can called it out. If someone else had that number they had to give it to you and if you had the number you gave it them. When there were no more numbers you counted your "books" of numbers. After I learned my numbers to ten she went to twenty and eventually twenty five. We stopped there since our book where made of four tiles made from the cracker box and it took much longer to play. I had so much fun playing this game. When my kid were little I did the same for them. I also made a game of dates using the alphabet. A book was the upper case and lower case letters. This really help them with their alphabet recognition.

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